Family and Business Counselling Services

• Individual Counselling
Couples Counselling (Marriage Article PDF)
Family Counselling (Blended Family Article PDF)
(Grandparent Dynamics Article PDF)
Parent/Teen Counselling
(Parent Information Package PDF)
Child/Youth Counselling (Child/Youth Therapy PDF)
Canine Assisted Therapy (Canine Assisted Therapy PDF)
- Including Children/Youth with Cognitive Challenges
(Parent Information Package PDF)
Pre/During/Post Separation/Divorce Counselling (Separation/Divorce Article PDF)
Parenting Plan Counselling (Parenting Plan Article PDF)
Domestic/Family Violence Counselling
(Domestic/Family Violence PDF + Anger Management PDF)
Workplace Issues/Conflict Counselling
(Workplace/Business PDF)

Counselling is a process whereby all parties (individuals, couples, families/unrelated parties, and businesses) engage in a therapeutic process in a safe and confidential environment. Clients are encouraged to dialogue openly, be heard, gain a deeper understanding of the issues, and develop strategies relevant to addressing the identified concerns.