Family and Business Mediation Services

• Couples Rebuilding Mediation
(Marriage Article PDF)
Family Rebuilding Mediation
(The Value of Mediation Article PDF)
• Blended Family Mediation

(Blended Family Article PDF)

• Business Mediation
(Workplace/Business PDF)
Family/Unrelated Parties Business Mediation (Workplace/Business PDF)
Workplace Conflict Mediation (Workplace/Business PDF)
• Separation/Divorce Mediation (Separation/Divorce Article PDF)
• Parenting Plan Mediation (Parenting Plan Article PDF)
• Post-Separation/Divorce Mediation
• Parent/Teen Mediation
• Family/Domestic Violence Mediation
(Family /Domestic Violence PDF + Anger Management PDF)
Victim/Offender Mediation
+ Anger Management PDF)

The mediator’s role is to be an impartial facilitator who will help the parties identify, clarify and, when appropriate, facilitate affective communication between them. She will help parties provide the necessary information, review options, and support parties to make informed choices and decisions.