Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas!

The Christmas season can bring about both delight and strain. For many people, Christmas highlights their painful issues: loneliness, hurt, anger, difficulties with loved ones, and overwhelming financial stress. Many couples cannot manage their relationship strain and separate during the Christmas season. Despite this, Christmas poses reflection of moments past, when we have experienced tender memories, heartfelt love, deep happiness, and contentment. Christmas can be a mixture of extremes. For some, Christmas can be a time of overwhelming sorrow and struggle. For others, Christmas is a time to put right the wrongs, mend what is broken, heal the hurts, and make life decisions. It is the season of intention, goodwill, loving-kindness, forgiveness, and hope.

This year has been filled with worldwide political instability, economic challenges, and post-pandemic strain. The constant bombardment of negativity in our world can manifest in disaster fatigue, depression, and anxiety. This, in turn, adds to the already tremendous amount of stress and feeling of aloneness in our lives. It can feel overwhelming to bring joy and meaning into our lives, yet the smallest and seemingly insignificant things can make us feel alive again. Connecting with those we love, sharing in community, and practicing kindness and generosity can bring comfort, and wellbeing for us and those around us. Allow this Christmas season to reveal tiny miracles and in your search for meaning, linger in sincere reflection, internal change, and a full appreciation for yourself. ™


I wish all my clients and all the communities I serve, kindness, hope, and healing.May you have peace, joy, and blessings this Christmas season!

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