Easter Revelation

 Easter can be a time to go inward, to have private reflection, and to redefine our relationships. Easter can symbolize a new life, a new way. A radical beginning. Loss of truth and speaking truth. A shift. Resurrecting integrity, wisdom, clearing deadness, re-defining inward death, and creating re-birth of self. In our aloneness, there is grief but also solace, recovery, and healing. Restoration is an important process we must all practice if one is to chisel away at the marred content of our inner selves. To pour the oil of forgiveness upon our spirit and our soul is to heal our woundedness. Our ability to heal is measured by our ability to reach out and get alongside those in our lives that are also scarred and wounded in life. In that act of love we bring regeneration, revealing hidden pain, bringing meaning to lostness and disconnection. Discarding rhetoric and meaningless rituals – just extending sincerity and understanding, to share in the healing bread of life. A revelation

 of connectedness with life and its purpose. It is humbling to witness transformation. Life brings immense challenges, yet despite diverse current thinking, political change, and economic upheaval it brings joy to see the sparkle in another’s eye or the smile on their face. It is in the depth, the darkness, in hardship, wisdom, strength, integrity, and discernment is born. The reconciliation of humanity to oneself can be healed. ™

REAL Consulting would like to wish all our clients and all the communities we serve an incredibly Happy Easter!

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