Father’s are Amazing and Awesome

My Father was complex.  Scary, drunk, violent, his shadow side darkened the brilliant, multi-talented, charismatic, hardworking, principled, and deeply wounded man. I loved my Dad. When the healing was done, I could really ‘see’ him. Forgiveness and love swept the shadows away. Football physique, intense blue eyes and rusty blonde hair – his presence filled a room. Learning to shoot a 22, to ski, to scuba dive, to fish, to learn what specific cutlery you use when dining at a celebrity banquet, how to respect the forest, the bear, moose, elk and finally mankind, was his legacy to me. How to stand up for others when no one else will. How to speak truth against the tide.

How to reach for excellence and not settle for mediocrity.   

I am grateful for the truths and principles he instilled. His excellence and shadows collided, yet he brought gifts to me that were amazing and awesome. I am proud of how extraordinary my Dad was.   

By Kim Muscroft – McDonnel
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