The landscape has changed. Adapting may be challenging, devastating, or even provide surprising and exciting opportunities. Do you run a family business and difficulties have arisen? Issues in the workplace? Are you experiencing closure, layoffs, hiring, or employee/employer difficulties? Stress levels high, burn out impending Communication Complicated?

Business disputes and workplace issues have a way of affecting our lives in, and outside of the workplace/business. If you are looking for a way to change this, WORKPLACE & BUSINESS MEDIATION/COACHING may be what you are looking for. REAL Consulting can support you to strategize, invigorate, renew, and explore positive resolution. ™•

Employer/Employee/Co-worker Issues
• Business Disputes
• Leadership Styles
• Stress/Burnout
• Return to Work
• Communication Skills
• Conflict Resolution
• Emotional Anger Resolution

Suitable For:
• Individuals
• Families in Business Together
• Unrelated Parties
• Employee/Employer
• Co-workers


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