Has 2023 been one of change, disappointment or filled with delight? January heralds the time of year for us to begin a bright new start with a clean slate, renewed energy, wishes and promises.

            This year I moved the practice upstairs in the building I am in. 21 years of ‘stuff’! Decided to purge. Whose idea was that? I reconnected with my exceptionally beautiful and bright sister after years of never knowing her. What joy! Colin, Dean and Crystal ‘downstairs’ ensure I do not ‘fail’ in the technical department. ‘Those little men in the computer #*’ I am eternally grateful for their amazing care, friendship, and expertise! Some health issues came unexpectedly and am grateful to my sweetest friend Carol and my ex-husband and good friend Keith for their care and kindness. I am grateful for my steadfast friend, and my used-to-be assistant Laurissa – always there, helped me move, helps in the business and is one of the smartest people I know. Then the most wonderful joy – my granddaughter got engaged to a wonderful man. What bliss!  Looking to 2024. With excitement, curiosity and plans. The unknown. There can be beauty in a New Year.  Embarking on a new journey. Acknowledging pain, sorrow, joy, and the past. Identifying desires, wishes, promises and commitments to fulfill. ™

            To all my clients, may you have hope, strength, vigour, and resiliency for this coming year and all that it may hold. Happy 2024!

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