Remembering Warriors, Heroes and Family

As a child one of my favorite memories was of my uncle Bob and my grandad whistling, a fascinating technique to distract each other whilst playing chess together.

Uncle Bob was in the front lines and lost a leg. It was World War ll. Grandad enlisted in the Airforce and worked on the ground. My grandmother worked in the munition’s factory.

It was hardly talked about. Then Uncle Bob my grandfather’s brother was gone. He killed himself with a shotgun. My grandfather found him in his home. It changed everything. Deep sorrow. Quiet dark days. Solemn stares out the window. My granddad lost his best friend, his confident.


Grandad arrived home, put his big silver steel lunch bucket on the stair. He announced he had quit his job. Welding was his life for 30 years. He had grade 2, came from a family of 9 children and worked since he was 8. Time to do what had never been done. Sell their home. Go on a world trip for 1 year.

Grandad took all his grief and honored uncle Bob with living.

Thank you for being Warriors, Heroes and Family.

Let’s never forget.

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