Valentine’s Day   a love letter to my country

Darkness and uncertainty prevailed

Shadows, deception, fear, isolation – darkness covered the land

Secrets shrouded in mass propaganda swept away tenderness and critical thinking

Division replaced selflessness

Yuri Zhivago wrote love poems to Laura as the revolution engulfed Russia – remember?

The mystery of the sacred, honour, kindness, sparks of love still flamed, in the chaos, even so

We too are in love

“Oh Canada”

“We Stand On Guard For Thee………”

Can we be brave and sacrifice to ensure our freedom from tyranny?

I am grateful for loving you – my homeland

How deeply I treasure the blue mountains, the wide azure sky, the wild horses sashaying in the fields, and the cattle roaming o’re the hills

“The True North Strong And Free…”

How deeply I care for those I love and you my countryman I do not know, yet we are all part of this vast, beautiful country

How deeply I strive to keep my oath to do no harm, to keep others from fear, anxiety, to be free in their hearts – mind, body, and soul,

How thankful I am for my compatriot before me that gave their lives or came back crushed and broken, so I could be free,

“I Will Stand On Guard For Thee…”

No to mandates

No to restrictions

Arms around loved ones in hospitals, dancing at weddings, final goodbyes to those destined for heaven, raising a glass, and supping with friends, sweating on the treadmill – the act of living free

Respect, honour, dignity, truth, and justice – is this not what we stand for? Oh Canada?

The right to choose, the right to privacy, the right to freedom of speech without censorship

My tears of gratitude for those that have spent time in jail for what they believe so I can still be free

I am humbled by all my countryman that have spoken out, wrote letters, signed petitions, lost their employment, been misunderstood, despised, and disavowed. The price you have paid has been huge. For my freedom.

I am humbled by the truckers for standing strong. God Bless your tenacity, your courage, and your willingness to be a voice

My deepest appreciation and respect can never be enough

“I Stand On Guard For Thee…”

You symbolize the Canada I grew up in

Strong, diverse, proud people that helped each other cause that is what you did – and free.

“God Keep Our Land Glorious and Free…”  ™

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