My Love is Upon Thee

Tha Mo Ghaol Ort

My love affair with Scotland began in my early twenties. Castles, blue green fields fluffy white sheep dotted the valley. Long stone dykes embraced the dales. Vivid purple heather cast its shadow ore the hills. The castle towered above the crashing waves and the small of the seaside reminded me of my childhood in Canada.


My first home was a cottage deep in the countryside, heated only by a coal fire and a shilling box brought light to warm the room. Lavish colorful gardens were highlighted by red shaggy highland cows. The country folk were hard to understand but had hearts of gold. What an adventure. Tha Mo Ghaol Ort, My Love Is Upon You. Scotland became my home and my love. Twenty-two years have passed and my heart feels incredible gratitude for all that beautiful country brought to my life. I also grieve and feel loss and have days like today where tremendous sadness overtakes me. I miss the warmth of a good cuppa with my friends, the smell of the air after the rain. I miss a good fish supper from the chippie and the cheer of the local pub and a steak pie.

I miss walking on the seaside, watching the swans, forever looking up at the magnificent chimney pots on the gorgeous stone dwellings dating centuries past. The winding streets and roundabouts ablaze with tulips and daffodils. Mostly I miss and love the people, the way of life, the heart of the Scots. Your beauty and culture gave me spirit.

Tha Mo Ghaol Ort

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