Let’s Remember Family

Remembrance Day is about remembering with pride family, sacrifice, and heroism. During this time, we reflect on and remember those that fought and died for our country and those currently serving; they were and are family. Two brothers in business together and a rift has developed between them. Nothing they do or say can fix it. She was adopted as a small child, now as an adult discovers her natural parents and wishes to re-connect but feels apprehensive. An adult son marries but his mother does not like or get along with his wife; he hopes with time things will improve. Grandparents are cut off from their grandchildren and feel confused and hurt. Dad argued with his adult daughter and now she refuses to talk to him. Mom wishes she had a better relationship with her teenage children but nothing she says or does seems to work. They have been married two years and the fighting never stops.

Family relationships are so important. We are so terribly hurt, confused, and angry when they fracture. We can feel alone. Family mediation provides a way to be together in a safe environment with a third party, a mediator, to help families re-connect, talk openly about issues, express hurt and anger, and to achieve resolution. Family mediation is often associated with separation and parenting plans, but there is another kind of mediation and it is for family. REAL Consulting provides mediation with families no matter how complex or difficult the issue – mediation really helps!

This Remembrance Day let us pause in remembrance of those family members lost who were heroes. Let’s remember those precious to us that gave so much so we could be free. Let’s also pause and remember our family and not lose sight of what really matters: loving, caring, supportive, and meaningful relationships. Let’s remember family.

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