The Value of Mediation

The practice of mediation extends as far back into history. In a situation of concern, clarity and objectivity was brought through hearing all sides of the problematic situation. Impartial and fair decisions were made, providing restoration and peacemaking to individuals and the community as a whole.

In mediation, individuals, family members, and employees/employers have an opportunity to state their concerns. Considerable time is spent on “telling the story” so that all perspectives are aired and heard. The mediator promotes honest dialogue between the parties involved and encourages them to listen openly to one another. Understanding another’s viewpoint is often complex and difficult, and problems arise if individuals feel what is stated is unclear, unfair, or a personal attack. Mediation facilitates and works through conflict in a safe, structured, and productive manner in order to come to a meaningful understanding and a purposeful and reasonable resolution.

Mediation takes time to be successful. It requires participants to be willing to work hard and stay in the process. It facilitates moving individuals through the difficult issues and feelings, aids in overcoming barriers, and initiates a restoring and healing attitude which, by design, brings about satisfactory solutions.

REAL Consulting offers mediation services to people seeking resolution for issues and conflicts in all relationships including: partnerships/marriages, parent/child/teen relationships, blended family, employee/employer dynamics, and family business. In our busy lives we often do not have time for really talking things through – the mediation process brings restoration to fractured relationships and situations by doing just that.

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