There is existential dread, an emptiness that begs to be filled with chocolate and chips, whiskey, and cocaine. What’s your choice?

Working overtime hours until exhaustion forces a fitful sleep,

Even the ‘candy shop’ online choices fills fantasies – yet gut wrenching aloneness prevails,

Smoking that promised last cigarette on the deck in the pitch black does not stop the hot tear,

The fake smile wears off and numb stoicness does not cut it anymore,

Facing loves brokenness in friendship, a shattered love now lost feels like death and steals your soul and spirit,

The coal black night is so dark and long,

And yet you breathe,

The morning sun flashes across the table as you sip your morning coffee,

A new day,

The pain sears through your rib cage like a semi-truck has hit you face on,

You want to run away rather than embrace the day,

Listen to your heart

Learn from what your feeling,

Hear your emotion,

Speak the truth,

It’s just the beginning,

Stay with the sadness and allow some healing.

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