Shadow Work, Pain, Rebuilding

How are you? I am good. You just lied. Excruciating pain drives you to the end of yourself. Paralyzed, frozen, invisible, your desolation creates a catastrophic chasm in your being. Death or Life. Stagnation or Growth. The dark underbelly of secret masking, unhealed layers, and decades of woundedness, scarring the voice of movement. The desire to live abundantly creates visions of all that you want yet don’t believe you can have. Possibility unfolds. To dream is but a dream. To do fulfills the desperation to live fully. Is it easier to live in the pain? Does it scare you to think it could be different? Self-doubt, fear of failure – can’t drive far enough away to chase the pain from the road. The sunrise reminds you of beauty. Can it be that simple. To take the first step. To just believe. In you.  

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