Reflections on Christmas in Field

When I was a child, I lived in Field B.C. right in the heart of the Rockies. Enveloped in snow, it was like a magical kingdom especially at Christmas time.

I waited in anticipation for the time my dad would take me deep into the forest to pick that special Christmas tree. The aroma of the tree wafted through the house as my mother would cut branches to decorate our tiny home. Our home was warm and resplendent with decorations and wonderful home-made baking. My parents invited those that had nowhere to go to celebrate Christmas dinner with us. The spirit and good will of Christmas was so enchanting.

Awaiting Christmas was idyllic in the knowledge that Santa was preparing presents for us children up on the majestic and snow-clad Mount Steven, nestled behind the tiny village of 50 people. Santa Claus really did visit each home on Christmas Eve in Field, complete with his story book, red sleigh, and harnessed reindeer. I remember being so excited to sit on his knee and tell him all I wanted for Christmas. It was only some time later that I sat on Santa’s knee again at the Co-op in Revelstoke that I discovered that Santa was, indeed, Mr. Davis from the village.

Every time I drive through Field now, I see my house, much smaller and older than it looked when I was 4, and the magic of Christmas fills my heart again. I am thankful for the amazing seasons of Christmas my parents created in Field and the excitement and sparkle Christmas still brings today.

REAL Consulting wishes all of you the Merriest Christmas!

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